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about me

I am Martin. Front-end developer / designer.

A front-end guy is (ideally) someone, who will design your presentation, convert it to a functioning website and will look after its maintenance.

The functioning part means a responsive design, SEO, scripting, form handling, animations, content management system, databases, etc.

I started meddling with webdesign around 2003. After a sizeable pause and intense training I got back into it in 2019, facing whole lot of new technologies.

Today, after two years of practice, I am ready to make you a website we can both be proud of.

So what can I offer?


custom design

Just about everyone offers a design that will fit your exact need. However, that usually means a Wordpress site spiced up with a random theme and some plugins. And while such implementation is quick and cheap, it is also prone to various plugin conflicts that can render your site unusable.

Despite all the pros that Wordpress offers, sometimes you can't help but think, that the websites kinda all look the same. On one hand it makes the navigation for the customer easier, on the other you might not exactly make a lasting impression.

The websites I offer you are custom made from the very beginning to the very end. No Wordpress, no nothing. You will be in charge of every aspect of your site, from design to the very last hyperlink. And while it makes the development stage last slightly longer, the end result will be well worth it.

The pros of such approach are:

  • completely original design
  • absolute control over the presentation
  • faster load times
  • zero problems with plugin conflicts (because of no plugins)
“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”
Paul Cookson

responsive site

More than a half of website visits are from mobile devices. Therefore it is paramount that your website will display properly not only on desktops, but on all kinds of different devices.

The key is responsive design. Responsive design will make certain that your website will fit every device. You don't need a standalone application or separate mobile site, since your presentation will already be responsive from the get go.

“Responsive Web Design always plays an important role whenever going to promote your website.”
Josh Wilson


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

You would certainly wish that your website will attract as much traffic as possible. This is done by optimizing factors and metrics used by search engine's ranking algorithm.

Among such factors are:

  • load speed
  • quality mobile version of your website
  • optimized content
  • proper keywords
  • and many more...

Your website will be properly set up, so no one has troubles finding it.

“Don't optimize for search engines, optimize for users.”
Dario Sipos

domain & hosting

If you don't have a website yet, I will make sure to get a domain name and a space for your presentation (hosting). Choice of domain is an obvious part of this process in which you will be involved.

Domain name and hosting are ordered from a third party. Any and all involved fees are usually billed yearly and paid by the customer.

“.com is your 21st century's most valuable asset.”
Anuj Jasani

administration & maintenance

I am sure there will come a time when you would like to change some information on your website, spice things up, add a section or anything of this sort.

Website administration, as well as maintenance, is obviously guaranteed. Just like it is possible to connect your presentation to a CMS (Content Management System), where you can edit site's content on your own.

“Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.”
Harold Abelson

Exotic Zoo
Keramika Štramberk
HTML5 CSS3 AngularJS Bootstrap
Material Manager
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Bootstrap



Nr. of pages 1 - 4
Graphic design Ano
Responsive site Ano
Hosting & domain* Ano
Maintenance 2 months free
Price 3500,- CZK


Nr. of pages 5+
Graphic design Ano
Responsive site Ano
Hosting & domain* Ano
Maintenance 4 months free
Price 5500,- CZK

Realization time

The time to finish a website can of course differ based on project's complexity, such as amount of pages and functions, etc.

The websites in the Basic option will usually take up to two weeks to finish, while the Plus option may take longer. From two to three weeks, or maybe even a month or a little more, based on the amount of pages again.

Hourly rate

Somewhat of an industry standard of 500 CZK/hour (~25 USD/hour, ~20 EUR/hour) is billed for maintenance and administration.

*Hosting & domains

Any costs related to the domain's registration and webhosting are subject to the third party pricing and are billed usually yearly by said third party. The domain price can vary quite drastically, from few dollars/euros up to hundreds.

This fee is charged by the hosting/domain company, not me.


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I am located in Nový Jičín, face-to-face consultation is possible within the Ostrava or Olomouc region, but I am of course offering services across the entire country (or even the whole world).

In case of any questions or interest, you can contact me over at, alternatively via the contact form.