responsive design

website will fit every device


optimization for search engines


setting up hosting and domain for your website

administration & maintenance

your website will be taken care of after delivery


responsive design

More than a half of website visits are from mobile devices. Therefore it is paramount that your website will display properly not only on desktops, but on all kinds of different devices.

support for all devices

The key is responsive design. Responsive design will make certain that your website will fit every device. You don't need a standalone application or separate mobile site, since your presentation will already be responsive from the get go.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO optimalization

You would certainly wish that your website will attract as much traffic as possible. This is done by optimizing factors and metrics used by search engine's ranking algorithm. Such metrics are website load speed, quality mobile version, optimized content, proper keywords usage and many more.

Your website will be properly set up, so no one has troubles finding it.

domain & hosting

If you don't have a website yet, I will make sure to get a domain name and a space for your presentation (hosting). Choice of domain is an obvious part of this process in which you will be involved.

domain and hosting setup

Domain name and hosting are ordered from a third party, such as or Any and all involved fees are usually billed yearly and paid by the customer.

administration & maintenance

I am sure there will come a time when you would like to change some information on your website, spice things up, add a section or anything of this sort.

administration & maintenance

Website administration, as well as maintenance, is obviously guaranteed. Just like it is possible to connect your presentation to a CMS (Content Management System), where you can edit site's content on your own.


It is clear as day that my portfolio is still rather tiny.

Which is why I offer first 3 to 5 projects for a significantly reduced fee (based on project's complexity), or even completely free, if the project is simple enough.

Exotic Zoo

Website for one of the oldest local pet shops.

Exotic Zoo

Štramberk ceramics

The website for Štramberk ceramics was done during 2019, after a rather long pause, during which I haven't been much involved with webdesign. The website runs completely fine, it is responsive, but it is not exactly a reflection of my current expertise.

Štramberk ceramics

material manager

This little web 'application' is a tiny little home project, in which you can define various materials, ingredients and create recipes out of those. It being a home project is why I didn't bother with responsiveness, and to be entirely honest, I likely never will :-)

The whole project is entirely free on github.



Amount of pages 1 - 4
Graphic design Yes
Responsive website Yes
Hosting & domain * Yes
Administration & maintenance free of charge for 2 months
Price 3500,- CZK


Amount of pages 5+
Graphic design Yes
Responsive website Yes
Hosting & domain * Yes
Administration & maintenance free of charge for 4 months
Price 5500,- CZK


I am located in Novy Jicin.


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